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Ben Schoel

I find creative solutions to difficult problems.

Kevin Rasmussen
Customer Success

I will drive continuous improvement and implement efficient systems to support your marketing and operations.

James Braun

I'm a growth marketing enthusiast with cross-skilled talents in all things digital.

Matthew Brown
Customer Success

I value a great work ethic and communication. I enjoy spreadsheets and formulas. And I love resolving customer problems and ensuring they have a positive experience!

Waris Hussain

I'm an organized, driven, and creative guy who loves problem-solving and looks at things with a solution-oriented mindset. My goal is to make technology simpler and easier for people.

Leila Watson

I am a previsualization shot creator that can create shots by positioning and animating cameras, and animating characters using Maya. I work well in team environments and have a good understanding of rigging and modeling.

Omkar Acharya

I am a creative person who loves solving problems and managing projects. I enjoy expanding my knowledge and learning new skills.

Jonathon Lopez

I'm always moving forward, whether it's solving complex problems, building systems to make work easier or leading a team to success.

Josiah Brown

I am a creator with skills in blockchain technology, web development, customer success, business operations, and photography.

Blake Needham

A hardworking young professional with a passion to learn and improve.

Gracie Cramer

Solving problems and making companies run more efficiently is what drives me.

Ethan Wright

If you need someone fresh for your operations and or marketing positions, then you have come to the right guy!

Nathaniel Thiele
Customer Success

I work to analyze and improve business operations.

Zoƫ Gross
Customer Success

I am a fast learner and I love to read and solve problems.

Lauren Schempp
Customer Success

My skills include leadership, communication, team building, and creating simple strategies to help teams win.

Kat Greenberg

I am creative, organized, and forward thinking.

Elaina Saile

I am a reliable, result-driven, and hardworking person.

Charlotte Toumanoff

I am a writer and photographer, eager to tell your stories and make your vision come to life!

Angelique Weckenmann
Customer Success

I am a competitive, resourceful, and driven individual.

Angelos Psathas

I'm a fast learner ready to create value with determination and originality!