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Ben Schoel

I find creative solutions to difficult problems.

Kevin Rasmussen
Customer Success

I will drive continuous improvement and implement efficient systems to support your marketing and operations.

Sasha Patel
Customer Success

I am fascinated by consumer consumption. I can utilize my knowledge to best create a marketing campaign and run your company as efficiently as possible.

Edward Williams
Customer Success

I am a creative, hard-working employee who elevates his coworkers and others on my team!

Anne-Marcelle (郝安) Kouamé

I'm a natural leader, cultural facilitator, and mentor who is driven to making a difference in the world. I connect with people. I affirm their individual uniqueness. And I inspire them to get a deeper understanding of their story through strengths, values, and cultural awareness.

Andrew Plistil

I'm a relentless go-getter with a hunger for knowledge. I have strong communication and problem-solving skills and am always looking for ways to better myself and those around me.

Jamie Beasley

Freeing up your time so you can focus on those tasks only you can do.

Ashlyn Sisson
Customer Success

When the going gets tough, I get going!

Andrew Couto

I have a relentless drive to be the best expert in my field I can possibly be.

Matthew Brown
Customer Success

I value a great work ethic and communication. I enjoy spreadsheets and formulas. And I love resolving customer problems and ensuring they have a positive experience!

Channing Smith

I'm your next go-getter problem solver who loves people and innovation!